BERLIN FASHION FILM FESTIVAL 2022 (Best Documentary / Portrait)

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Still Life - Untitlab

Still Life - Untitlab - Untitlab

Official Selection

Title of Piece: Still Life
Brand: Untitlab
Production Company: Untitlab
Client: Untitlab
Director: Cai Tian
Producer(s): Neo Chai, Cai Tian
Art Director: Cai Tian
Editor: A Jie
Director of Photography: Xiao Qiuyu
Music/Sound Design: Knopha
Casting Director: Cai Tian
Writer: Cai Tian
Props Stylist: Cai Tian, Rui
Additional Credits: Colorist: Nai Wu
Additional Credits: Cast: Chen Yin, Tao Ye
Instagram Tag: @nicolas_tian @untitlab
Short Synopsis: Focusing on contemporary urban emotional life, outlines the intimate relationship under different scenes through still-life image narrative. Without background setting and long-paragraph character depictions, it tells the story about the cherishing and separation of urban youth within an ephemeral image-time.
The short meeting in the dining room indicated an inevitable farewell. The decision to leave and to throw out questions become a dilemma for individuals on both ends of the table. The answer frozen the time, a hazy glimmer grasps the deepest feelings of this good-bye.
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