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Noblesse Obliqe - Lindberg
Astrid Gleichmann Films

Noblesse Obliqe - Lindberg - Astrid Gleichmann Films


Title of Piece: Noblesse Obliqe
Brand: Lindberg
Production Company: Astrid Gleichmann Films
Client: Spectr Magazine
Director: Astrid Gleichmann
Emerging: 1
Art Director: Ulrich Hartmann
Editor: Astrid Gleichmann
Director of Photography: Astrid Gleichmann
Costume Design: von Uwe
Hair & Makeup: Stefanie Mellin
Music/Sound Design: Sebastian Sommer
Additional Credits: Styling Assistant: Atieno Wolters
Additional Credits: Production Assistant: Max Böttger
Additional Credits: Voice Over: Michael Witten
Additional Credits: Models: Linus (PMA), Casper (IZAIO), Gian (LICHTKIND), Robina (M4MODELS), Elsa (MIRRRS)
Short Synopsis: Astrid Gleichmann's fashion film "Noblesse Oblige" explores the search for lightheartedness and happiness in a changed world, rather than attempting to return to a past that no longer exists. We observe five young protagonists in a lonely, rural environment as they experience the tension between feelings of boredom and youthful ecstasy, drifting between dream and reality.

The film decribes the poetry of youth in a world fraught with rules, addressing the fragmented journey of self-discovery restricted by social distancing. The piece examines themes of connectedness, self-sufficiency and loneliness while also striving for self respect. (text: Olivier Mohrińge)
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