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Urbanista Stories: Inspiration - Urbanista

Urbanista Stories: Inspiration - Urbanista - Diktator


Title of Piece: Urbanista Stories: Inspiration
Brand: Urbanista
Production Company: Diktator
Client: Urbanista
Agency: Urbanista
Director: Moa Wiking
Emerging: 1
Producer(s): Producer: Manga Minja/ Diktator, EP: Per Welén/ Diktator.
Art Director: Moa Wiking
Creative Director: August Segerholm
Editor: Moa Wiking
Director of Photography: Viktor Skogqvist
Costume Design: Stylist: Sarah Niklasson
Hair & Makeup: Yenifer Rojas Sánchez
Music/Sound Design: Music: Foad Arbabi, Sound Design: Martin Dahl
Casting Director: Casting agent: Icone Agency, Diktator
Visual Effects: Online /VFX: Yohan Lindinger & Tomas Wall
Writer: Moa Wiking
Additional Credits: 1 AC: Felix Svensson, PA: Daniel Salzberger
Additional Credits: Special thanks to: August Segerholm (Global Creative Director, Urbanista), Tuomas Lonka (Brand & Marketing Director, Urbanista), Georg Sternegård (Art Director, Urbanista) and Elin Rosenholtz (Marketing &PR Cordinator, Urbanista).
Short Synopsis: Urbanista Stories: Inspiration
“Sound can take a small detail and strike it like a flint, setting your imagination on fire. Explore the symbiotic relationship between sound and inspiration.

I find inspiration in unexpected places. It might be the shape of a building or the way light reflects off a window."
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