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More - Various - Double Vision - Film & More


Title of Piece: More
Brand: Various
Production Company: Double Vision - Film & More
Director: Stefano Lari
Emerging: 0
Producer(s): Matteo Alberti and Fabrizio De Matteis
Editor: Stefano Lari, Fabrizio De Matteis
Director of Photography: Roberto Chierici
Production Design: Romeo Steiner & Weronika Wolinska
Costume Design: Elena Monti
Hair & Makeup: Valentina Paolillo
Music/Sound Design: Tommaso Simonetta for Smider Agency
Casting Director: Paola Polly Ruta
Writer: Stefano Lari
Additional Credits: Costume Designer Assitant: Antonio Ariganello
Additional Credits: Line Producer: Marzia Trovato
Additional Credits: Location Manager: Andrea Vetralla
Additional Credits: Camera Operator: Roberto Minotti
Additional Credits: Focus Puller: Federico Sammartino
Additional Credits: Gaffer: Carlo Violante
Additional Credits: Color Grading: Claudio Beltrami
Additional Credits: Voice Over: Beth Penrose (recorded by Focal Rhythm Sound)
Additional Credits: Leading Model: Silvia Trevisson
Additional Credits: Other Models: Carolina Ferrari, Lorenzo Bonanni, Vitor Carvalho, Arlyn Santos
Short Synopsis: MORE is a story of craving for life, where the hunger of feeling alive meets the desire to possess the whole everything. And more.
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