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Ways of Seeing
Independently Produced

Ways of Seeing - - Independently Produced


Title of Piece: Ways of Seeing
Production Company: Independently Produced
Client: sml Dance
Director: DJ Furth
Emerging: 0
Producer(s): Chen Minghui
Art Director: Jingjing
Editor: DJ Furth
Director of Photography: Dustin Tung
Costume Design: Sharon Chiu
Hair & Makeup: Anna Hu
Music/Sound Design: IXYXI
Visual Effects: Gumlab
Writer: DJ Furth
Additional Credits: Dancers: Zheng Lingmin & Amy Grubb
Short Synopsis: Ways of Seeing is a film about the transformative, healing power of nature and female wisdom as expressed through movement.

We wanted to bring attention to the courage it takes to sit with the inevitable pain we experience as we seek to grow.

The film seeks to focus on the ways our inner world is expressed in how we move— particularly subconscious movement. And, based on this, to investigate the healing effects of liberated movement.

The film also draws on a fascination with nature’s capacity to humble and inspire us and, given this, the ways through which we can become more aware of, and receptive to, that innate strength.

Similarly, Ways of Seeing is based on the conviction that even the most seemingly mundane experiences can have profound, lasting impact on our lives.

The film is a reflection of the belief that a slight shift in how we perceive something or ourselves can dramatically change our lives.
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