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Men in Progress - Jules

Men in Progress - Jules - HAMLET


Title of Piece: Men in Progress
Brand: Jules
Production Company: HAMLET
Client: Jules
Agency: Air Brussels
Director: Julien & Quentin
Emerging: 0
Producer(s): Jason Felstead / Ruben Goots (exec. prod.) Thomas Landeloos (prod.)
Art Director: Air Creative Council
Creative Director: Air Creative Council
Editor: Marie-Réglisse Monsimier
Director of Photography: Benjamin Todd
Production Design: Benedict Van Acker / Robbe Nuyttens
Costume Design: Lisa Lapauw
Hair & Makeup: Sarah Roman
Music/Sound Design: Quentin Garabedian (music) Sonhouse, Brussels (sound design)
Casting Director: Oimundo - Celine De Waele
Visual Effects: Divide, Ghent
Props Stylist: Michael Lefevere
Short Synopsis: ‘Men in Progress’, a humorous, fast moving, high energy TV spot which for menswear brand Jules, aims to detoxify the stereotype of masculinity and diversify the vision of the modern man with an optimistic intonation and addresses some of the outdated alpha-male interpretations of what it means to be a man. Tall, strong, sensitive, paternal, decisive, stylish, fearless and brave versus subtle, emotional, houseproud, tentative, modest, patient and confident: the new rebooted approach to masculinity.
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