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Back to Us - UNOZEROZEROUNO - Levi's VIMEO 7m:09s

Back to Us - Levi's

Back to Us - Levi's - UNOZEROZEROUNO


Title of Piece: Back to Us
Brand: Levi's
Production Company: UNOZEROZEROUNO
Client: Levi's
Director: Gabriele Rossi
Producer(s): Giorgio Viscardini, Martina Abbado
Creative Director: Mattia Ramberti
Editor: Mattia Cossi
Director of Photography: Stefano Steno
Production Design: Isotta Santus
Hair & Makeup: Serena Congiu
Visual Effects: Jacopo Claudio Palermo
Additional Credits: Artist: Mahmood
Additional Credits: Creative Director & Screenwriter: Mattia Ramberti
Additional Credits: Stylist: Susanna Ausoni
Additional Credits: Colour: Alessio Zanardi
Short Synopsis: Back to Us is the music short film born out of the Italian edition of the Levi’s® Music Project. Since 2015, the international project has been providing emerging musical talent from specific neighbourhoods with opportunities, resources and suitable structures to refine their skills.

For this first edition, Levi’s has collaborated with award-winning Italian singer-songwriter Mahmood. Focusing on the Milanese neighbourhood of Gratosoglio where he grew up and nurtured his musical talent, Mahmood personally selected 14 students to be part of the programme. Over the course of three months they had the opportunity to meet musicians and producers, as well as take part in masterclasses and workshops as part of their training.

Usually culminating in a live performance at the end of the programme, this year due to the restrictions in place, the creative team together with the client opted for a different format. A choral work, Back to Us represents their artistic and musical journey and the result of their effort.
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