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Closeness (Reencuentro) - Jenny Polanco
Point Barre Films

Closeness (Reencuentro) - Jenny Polanco - Point Barre Films


Title of Piece: Closeness (Reencuentro)
Brand: Jenny Polanco
Production Company: Point Barre Films
Client: Jenny Polanco
Director: Ivan Herrera
Emerging: 1
Producer(s): Ivan Herrera
Art Director: Shirley Guerrero
Editor: Marcos Cordova
Production Design: Shirley Guerrero
Costume Design: Carolina Socias & Solange Jimenez
Hair & Makeup: Barbara Sanfiz
Music/Sound Design: Marcos Cordova
Casting Director: Shirley Guerrero
Visual Effects: Marcos Cordova
Animation: Marcos Cordova
Props Stylist: Kaori Sone
Additional Credits: Yaniris Silverio & Jenna Remer
Short Synopsis: While wandering the historical coastline town of Puerto Plata in the Dominican Republic, two local young girls cross path where their souls recognize each other, starting a reconciliation game, developing a close but yet far relationship that could at times, seem like they speak different languages but deeper within, they communicate with love and forgiveness, sharing the same journey, leaving the town’s roads and walls impregnated with their essence, one that will live forever just like Jenny Polanco’s legacy.
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