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Salad Days - House
Papaya Films

Salad Days - House - Papaya Films

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Title of Piece: Salad Days
Brand: House
Production Company: Papaya Films
Client: House
Agency: No agency
Director: Andiamo
Producer(s): Aleksandra Pudło
Art Director: Andiamo
Creative Director: Andiamo
Editor: Kuba Tomaszewicz
Director of Photography: Nikodem Marek
Production Design: Nina Utrata
Music/Sound Design: Kuba Tomaszewicz, Krystian Kościjański
Visual Effects: Kuba Tomaszewicz, Igor Kaczmarek
Animation: Igor Kaczmarek
Writer: Andiamo
Props Stylist: Nina Utrata
Instagram Tag: @nikodemmarek @tomaschevich @papaya_films #saladdays @ne.edy
Short Synopsis: This film is a 4-minute impression about youth, and actually friendship between young people. It turns out that friends are often the closest family and the foundation of teenage life. Life without friends is so impossible. Each scene is a study of a specific emotion. It is a story about the fear of rejection, about acceptance, first love, support, nostalgia etc. We felt that this world is very delicate despite its brightness. Made of thin threads. The film was made as a dir cut of the 'back to school' campaign of the Polish clothing brand House. We decided to treat it as a documentary, focusing on real emotions and relationships that develop in a group of teenagers. Instead of describing their world in our words, we gave them a voice to find out how they feel and what they have to say about going back to school. After long months of remote learning, this mythical "back to school" has completely changed its meaning. It has become the long-awaited return to what they love, what they miss - and it's not just about learning and development, but above all: contact with peers and being together.
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