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INFINITE - Nick Fouquet
Near East Suite

INFINITE - Nick Fouquet - Near East Suite


Title of Piece: INFINITE
Brand: Nick Fouquet
Production Company: Near East Suite
Client: Nick Fouquet
Director: Hunter and Gatti
Producer(s): Near East Suite and Magali Management
Art Director: Hunter and Gatti
Creative Director: Hunter and Gatti
Editor: Hunter and Gatti
Director of Photography: Hunter and Gatti
Production Design: Magali management
Costume Design: Nick Fouquet
Hair & Makeup: James McMahon
Music/Sound Design: Hunter and Gatti
Casting Director: Nick Fouquet
Visual Effects: Hunter and Gatti
Writer: Hunter and Gatti
Props Stylist: Hunter and Gatti and Nick Fouquet
Instagram Tag: @hunterandgatti
Short Synopsis: Infinite is a film and an art project create by Hunter and Gatti for Nick Fouquet. A metaphor of what lies below the physical surface as a window to the subject´s interior life; a creative catharsis and another reality of nature experimented through the use of infrared photography. What if we break thr idea of creativity related to our existing knowledge in order to create?
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