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Ethereal Maiden

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Title of Piece: Ethereal Maiden
Production Company: -
Director: Boiana Aleksandrova & Robin Ellis Lee
Producer(s): Boiana Aleksandrova, Robin Ellis Lee, Jelynn Timisela, Zulaicca Khedoe, Lennart Deen
Art Director: Boiana Aleksandrova, Robin Ellis Lee
Creative Director: Boiana Aleksandrova
Editor: Carolina Laghezza, Robin Ellis Lee
Director of Photography: Bo Bolderink
Hair & Makeup: Liza Loman
Music/Sound Design: Bo Lee
Visual Effects: Guy Brüggeman, Robin Ellis Lee
Writer: Boiana Aleksandrova
Additional Credits: Cast: Alice Karin
Additional Credits: Styling: Boiana Aleksandrova, Robin Ellis Lee Wardrobe on Set: Stefania de Lisle
Additional Credits: Gaffer: Marius Speller, Best Boy: Alex Osipenkov, Light Assistant: Luis Speller
Additional Credits: Online Editor: Teun de Witte, Robin Ellis Lee
Additional Credits: Colourists: Erik Demeris, Floris Kester
Additional Credits: Special Thanks: Robin Ellis Lee, ByFAR, Media.Monks, LITES, Fanny Kriek, Filmmore
Additional Credits: Production Assistents: Luca Stefani, Olivier Cleijpool, Celine Ha
Additional Credits: Focus Puller: Ronnie den Heijer, Second AC: Ihau Yang
Instagram Tag: @boiana.aleksandrova @robinellislee @alice.karin @bobolderink #film_etherealmaiden
Short Synopsis: Ethereal Maiden is an abstract modern interpretation of the Bulgarian legend of “самодиви” (samodivi) viewed through a feministic perspective. It emphasises on the importance of authenticity, independence, freedom and rebellion against all things ordinary.

A young woman with an exceptionally turbulent, free character and an unwillingness to obey rules and restrictions, finally reaches the breaking point of her patience. She breaks free from her confinement and the well known boundaries and stereotypes of a woman’s role in life. This ‘samodiva’ lets go of the enforced reality, that is imposed on her, in order to go back to her roots and live as her true authentic self.
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