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Surrender - Saul Lizacri

Surrender - Saul Lizacri - Stellory

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Title of Piece: Surrender
Brand: Saul Lizacri
Production Company: Stellory
Client: Stellory
Agency: Stellory
Director: Hector Torres Espinoza
Producer(s): Fernanda Caballero Gutierrez
Art Director: Hector Torres Espinoza
Creative Director: Fernanda Caballero Gutierrez
Editor: Hector Torres Espinoza
Director of Photography: Hector Torres Espinoza
Production Design: Fernanda Caballero Gutierrez
Costume Design: Saul Lizacri
Hair & Makeup: Monserrat Avila
Music/Sound Design: Hector Torres Espinoza
Casting Director: Fernanda Caballero Gutierrez
Visual Effects: Hector Torres Espinoza
Animation: Hector Torres Espinoza
Writer: Hector Torres Espinoza
Props Stylist: Hanikay Topete
Additional Credits: Tita Lopez Jewelry
Instagram Tag: @stellory_media1
Short Synopsis: The greatest of all mythological gos Zeus falls I love with a human fashion designer in exchange of his love he gives him an amazing talent to create garments worthy of the gods of Olympus , but goddesses don't feel the same they come down to earth to meet Saul, and steal some of his work.
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