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Hybrid Love - -
Farol Quebrao

Hybrid Love - - - Farol Quebrao

Official Selection

Title of Piece: Hybrid Love
Brand: -
Production Company: Farol Quebrao
Client: -
Agency: -
Director: Andrés Finat
Producer(s): Josefina Maiza
Art Director: Josefina Maiza
Creative Director: Josefina Maiza
Editor: Andrés Finat
Director of Photography: Álvaro Jiménez
Production Design: Josefina Maiza
Hair & Makeup: Jacinta Del Solar / Gorka Larcan
Music/Sound Design: Matías Concha
Casting Director: Josefina Maiza
Visual Effects: Mikel D.Etxeberria
Writer: Andrés Finat & Josefina Maiza
Props Stylist: Josefina Maiza
Instagram Tag: @andresfinat
Short Synopsis: Year 2042. In the world of the unborn children, kids have the power of asking a question to humans on the earth before they are born. What is love? Based on answers from real interviews, a surreal journey through three different universes is presented: human relationships and their amorphous sense, connection with objects through memory, and hybridization with nature. Now, the unborn must decide whether or not to be born in a world that has mutated in the way of understanding love.
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