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The Staggering Girl

The Staggering Girl - - Spektr

Official Selection

Title of Piece: The Staggering Girl
Production Company: Spektr
Director: Chris Kokkeel
Producer(s): Laurens Neels & Jessica Rooker
Creative Director: Chris Kokkeel
Editor: Laurens Neels
Director of Photography: Katja van den Broeke
Costume Design: Peter George D'Angelino Tap
Hair & Makeup: Elena Ivona
Music/Sound Design: Casper van Deuveren
Casting Director: Chris Kokkeel
Additional Credits: Perla Pace
Additional Credits: Emma Mazzi
Additional Credits: Alicia Pin
Additional Credits: Riko Higurashi
Additional Credits: Robin van Sliedregt
Instagram Tag: @chris.kokkeel / @laurens_neels / @jessicarooker / @katjavandenbroeke / @dangelinotap / / @pearldance / @_emma.ballet_ / @aliciapin_ / @riko_higurashi_ballet / @robinvsliedregt / @denationaleballetacademie /
Short Synopsis: The Staggering Girl is a choreographic film which expresses the staggering situation of the individual in confrontation with her inner essence; the source of the quest for identity and existence. Trough a choreographic ‘dream’ of elegance, suspense and emotion the spectator will be carried into an elusive encounter with the passion; the omnipresent sensation reigning from the subconsciousness.

We touch the sprezzatura (“studied nonchalance”) to integrate ‘dance’ and ‘fashion’ into our personal identity, and use it as a natural manner of expression. The couture is especially designed for this film by Dutch couturier Peter George D’Angelino Tap, and the point-shoes of the ballerina’s are choreographed as fashion heels.

The dancing ‘characters’ of The Dutch National Ballet Academy are representing the complex interaction between all emotion, with the centralized position of the passion as main character, in search for room. Reflection is an important theme; Who am I? How is the relation of the inner essence to the external world?

We create a certain stylistic dynamic of contrasts and cross-overs, and take the freedom to embrace the ambiguity of life. The aim is to create a real ‘dancing’ movie; in making the camera dance, and the dancer ‘talk’; trough filmic expression and musicality. As a director I see a lot of potential in the synergy of dance, film and fashion. And I would like to make a kick-start with this short-movie!
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