BERLIN FASHION FILM FESTIVAL 2022 (Best Documentary / Portrait)

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Glance at beauty

Glance at beauty - - JMC

Official Selection

Title of Piece: Glance at beauty
Production Company: JMC
Client: Jacopo Canclini
Director: Alessandro Gessaga
Director of Photography: Federico Lombardi
Costume Design: Jacopo Canclini, Alessandro Gessaga
Hair & Makeup: Giulia Russo
Music/Sound Design: Daniele de Virgilio
Casting Director: Teresa di Modugno
Writer: Alessandro Gessaga
Additional Credits: Colorist Daniel Pallucca
Instagram Tag: @alessandrogessaga @federico.lomba @jacopo71 @daniele_devirgilio @daniel.pallucca @morganzabalzarotti_ #glanceatbeauty
Short Synopsis: After spending 30 years in fashion, Jacopo decides to reinvent himself after discovering interior design. Two worlds that seem distant are united by the relationship of colors, textures, materials: the research of the gaze remains the same, beauty, and how it can enrich life.
That search and the meditation will be the support to find a center again after changing everything.
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