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Obsessive - Serotoninn

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Official Selection

Title of Piece: Obsessive
Brand: Serotoninn
Production Company: none
Client: Serotoninn
Agency: none
Director: Serhii Kusch
Producer(s): Lena Stepanenko
Art Director: Lena Stepanenko
Creative Director: Lena Stepanenko
Editor: Anastasiia Chuprina
Director of Photography: Serhii Kusch
Costume Design: Lena Stepanenko
Hair & Makeup: Maria Kozachenko & Sophia Boyko
Music/Sound Design: Akali Akali Jean Philipp Oliver Viol
Casting Director: Lena Stepanenko, Serhii Kusch
Instagram Tag: @serotoninn_official @404.044 @nastasia.chu @akaliakaliofficial #obsessive
Short Synopsis: Our heroine is a symbol of protest and an escape from utopian reality. Among the soulless passing cars, this girl stands out as a strong, independent character. It is a somewhat dramatic, expressive, and sometimes blurry image. That's because this symbol of protest represents the desire to defend one's right to freedom. And freedom is an elusive, seemingly ephemeral thing. Total consent gradually makes you a hostage. It is only by expressing your position that you feel this freedom. Freedom is an individual responsibility. Therefore the symbol of protest consists of just one person.
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