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Icarus's Fall
Blavk Magic LLC

Icarus's Fall - - Blavk Magic LLC

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Title of Piece: Icarus's Fall
Production Company: Blavk Magic LLC
Director: Kandice Chavous
Editor: Kandice Chavous
Writer: Kandice Chavous
Additional Credits: Production Assistant, Bella Okuya
Additional Credits: Talent, Somali Findlay
Additional Credits: Light Gaffer, Kevin Kim
Instagram Tag: Director: @KandiceChavous Talent: @sopowerful1 Light Gaffer: @kevinkimframes Production Assistant: @bellaokuya Location: @
Short Synopsis: Icarus's Fall is a visual poem shot exclusively on Super 8, which is the personification of the fall from glory that Black men often experience in society. The story of Icarus is one that mirrors the experience of the Black man in America. As he grows he is told to soar to the lofty heights of society but often finds himself a bit too close to the sun and ultimately his success becomes his own downfall. This internal turmoil is represented with a heavy contrast of waiting for the perfect time and dancing in the golden light of his desired glory.
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