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The Pitch
Little Bear Studios

The Pitch - - Little Bear Studios


Title of Piece: The Pitch
Production Company: Little Bear Studios
Director: Eno Freedman Brodmann
Producer(s): Kate Galliers, Eno Freedman Brodmann
Editor: Kat Yi
Director of Photography: Jeff Leeds Cohn
Production Design: Simone Moscovitch, Bijan Souri
Hair & Makeup: Jessica Southard
Music/Sound Design: Roger Kleinman
Visual Effects: Chaz Chester
Writer: Eno Freedman Brodmann
Additional Credits: Cast: Lourdes Hernandez
Additional Credits: Stylist: Allison Calhoun
Additional Credits: Stills Photographer: Jorge Grau
Instagram Tag: @enoeyes @russianready @kategalliers @littlebearcreates @jeffleedscohn @jorgegraudecorral @gontarragona @rickdarge @katyiii
Short Synopsis: The Pitch is a satirical short film that spoofs the advertising industry by imagining a potential collaboration between chicken nuggets and bluetooth speakers. Starring Lourdes Hernández, it follows a call between an agency creative and director trying to one up each other on the most important product of the year...vegan chicken nuggets. Ridiculous, absurd, yet only too real, The Pitch is a commentary on the agony of the creative process until it all becomes a mess.
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