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Out of Sight

Out of Sight - - DKM FILMS

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Title of Piece: Out of Sight
Production Company: DKM FILMS
Director: Ogeday Dikmen
Editor: Ogeday Dikmen
Director of Photography: Ogeday Dikmen
Hair & Makeup: Nadia Kosh
Writer: Ogeday Dikmen
Additional Credits: Model - Tetjana Fyl
Additional Credits: Model - Olena Maximow
Additional Credits: Styling - Lina Outri
Additional Credits: Production Assistant - Yinjie Xie
Instagram Tag: @xogeday @dkm.films #OutOfSightFashionFilm
Short Synopsis: 2 twin sisters, servants working for a noble family has a day free from their busy life where they are under eyes of the family members they are working for.

In this free day of their's they are going to a park where they can spend some free time and get dressed as they wish.

Fashion Photographer and Filmmaker Ogeday Dikmen has created the story, shot the film and edited it himself while Lina Outri is doing the Styling, Nadia Kosh have done the make-up and hair.
Acting models were Tetjana Fyl and Olena Maximow.

In this Fashion Film we are seeing very close these 2 girls are really enjoying to being dressed as they wish because they can't do that in front of their employers, in fact in the time it is forbidden to get dressed as they wish for them since they are just servants.
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