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Soteria - Markoo
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Soteria - Markoo - Liam Cushing


Title of Piece: Soteria
Brand: Markoo
Production Company: Liam Cushing
Client: Markkoo Studios
Director: Liam Cushing
Producer(s): Liam Cushing
Creative Director: Liam Cushing
Editor: Liam Cushing
Director of Photography: John Ker
Production Design: Britt Skelly
Costume Design: Mona Koochek
Hair & Makeup: Claudine Baltazar
Visual Effects: Luke Bellisimo
Writer: Liam Cushing/Sebastian Cushing
Additional Credits: First AC Nick Petrie
Additional Credits: Titles Studio Castrodale
Additional Credits: Colour Ana Escorse
Additional Credits: Post Producer Chantelle Blagrove
Additional Credits: Talent Brenna Hunte
Additional Credits: Film Scan/Dev Metropolis Post
Additional Credits: Post Production company Studio Feather
Instagram Tag: @liamcushing @john_ker @coolbrenna @thebrittskelly @claudinebaltazar @monakoochek @ontario.peach @anaescorse @lukebellissimo@chantelleblagrove@studiofeather @sebastiancushing @studiocastrodale @markoostudios @metropostny
Short Synopsis: Soteria(Greek goddess of salvation) tells the story of a woman after she finds a recording that recounts a didactic poem to a singular place of salvation. Embarking on a journey as she attempts to follow rituals that she believes will get her closer to her salvation. As she discovers her final destination, she realizes that the place of deliverance was not what she expected.
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