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Laura - - Weare_

Official Selection

Title of Piece: Laura
Production Company: Weare_
Client: Laura Ashleigh Meyer
Director: Dillon Buirski
Producer(s): Calvin Shushu, Anja Marais, Samantha Lowe and Mardi Buhrmann
Editor: Luka Scott and Kyle Stroebel
Director of Photography: Nicol Dippenaar
Production Design: Grant Forbes, John Mureymi, Siegfried Krull, Elrick Davids and Shalton Lewis
Costume Design: Robynne Kahn
Hair & Makeup: Richard Wilkinson
Music/Sound Design: Bart Larter
Props Stylist: Jako van Heerden
Additional Credits: Garments by Shana Morland
Additional Credits: Jewellery by Kirsten Goss
Additional Credits: Assistance by Thaakir Ackerman
Instagram Tag: @laura_ashleigh @dillonbuirski @weare_ @experimental @passionproject @laura @representationisbeautiful
Short Synopsis: “Living life one crutch at a time”. This film is for the fearless. A celebration of bravery and beauty. Laura Ashleigh Meyer‘s incredible passion and determination to embrace life in all its glory teaches us what it means to be fearless. The beauty industry has always had a set of unwritten rules as to what we should be aspiring to be or look like. Consequently, inclusion has not played the role it should have, resulting in a lot of marginalised communities. However, stories like Laura’s have begun challenging these norms, to allow for more inclusivity and more diversity. Although we have come a long way, there is still an incredible amount of work to be done to normalise inclusivity and representation. Because of individuals like Laura, who have devoted their platform to expand the standards of beauty, we’re moving forward. laura fearlessly challenges the standards of beauty. Having been born with a spinal defect, she has had to overcome daily struggles and barriers of inclusion. These challenges are very apparent in the beauty and fashion industries. As a model and fashion designer, Laura hopes to give representation to the disabled community within the notoriously exclusive world of beauty and fashion. Her goal, through projects like “For the Fearless’, is to rewrite the narrative around differently-abled peoples. She wants to provide a space of inclusion and acceptance, and challenge the standards of beauty. This film is dedicated to the pioneers, the allies and the fearless leaders. It is for those breaking glass ceilings and embracing their confidence, whereby allowing others to do the same. It is meant to serve as a catalyst for larger conversations around representation in the fashion and beauty worlds. Representation matters. Representation is beautiful.
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