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Éternel Féminin

Éternel Féminin - - EFTI

Official Selection

Title of Piece: Éternel Féminin
Production Company: EFTI
Director: Andrea Ruiz
Producer(s): Andrea Ruiz, Claudia Barco
Art Director: Eva Yatsutko
Creative Director: Andrea Ruiz
Editor: Sofía Castro Montoya
Director of Photography: Claudia Barco
Costume Design: Ismael Francos
Hair & Makeup: N A -Z- A
Music/Sound Design: Diego Caseres
Writer: Andrea Ruiz, Sharon Torres
Short Synopsis: What does it mean to be feminine? What does it mean to be a woman? We have grown up in a society that has filled us with parameters and stereotypes that we have to comply with as women. A model in which we have to fit. The search for the eternal feminine. We have seen our grandmothers and mothers struggle to fit into this mold, but we have awakened. We are learning to deconstruct ourselves, to listen to ourselves. For the first time deciding what it is to be a woman. What is it to be human. What is our eternal feminine.
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