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The Soup Collective

Roomies - - The Soup Collective

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Title of Piece: Roomies
Production Company: The Soup Collective
Client: Hungary Dog Rescue Foundation (Fogadj Örökbe)
Director: The Soup
Producer(s): Nándor Lőrincz, Tamás Lőrincz, Bálint Nagy
Editor: Márton Gothár
Director of Photography: Bálint Nagy
Production Design: Ambrus Törőcsik
Costume Design: Hajnalka Bognár
Hair & Makeup: Anett Vörös, Viki Kovács
Music/Sound Design: Máriusz Fodor, Balázs Pejkó, Tamás Czirják
Casting Director: Márkus Gyarmati
Writer: Nándor Lőrincz
Props Stylist: Ambrus Törőcsik
Additional Credits: Co-producer : Márton Kenczler, Zoltán Mártonffy
Additional Credits: Models: Alexa Piróth, Fanni Radics, Vivien Pintér, Réka Jónás
Instagram Tag: @thesoup.collective @nandilorincz @lorincztamas87 @balint___nagy @jonas_reka @pvivi0416 @alexapiroth @fanniradics @knczlr @hajnalkabognarstylist @torocsik.ambrus @visagemodelshungary @fogadjorokbe @csaba_kajdi @markusgyarmati #Roomies
Short Synopsis: The specialty of this film is that it uses the tools and gestures of fashion films to talk about charity. By tricking the viewer at the beginning of the film, we pretend that the story is going in a completely different direction. The aim of the project is to raise awareness of dog adoption among people who would normally not think of it and who prefer to consume other types of content. This film is a special donation from The Soup Filmmakers Collective, Visage Models and the entire crew to the Hungary Dog Rescue Foundation (Fogadj Örökbe), which represents many different shelters. At their request, we wanted to approach the topic from a different perspective than usual, to reach people who might not otherwise consider a rescued dog. The Foundation has recently started to use the film (and the shortcuts) in its communications and has already attracted many new supporters and dog owners, mostly from outside the community who had not been interested in the topic before - which was the primary aim of our fashion shortfilm. The director duo of the film are Nándor Lőrincz and Bálint Nagy who has just presented their first feature film at the London Raindance Film Festival 2021.
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