BERLIN FASHION FILM FESTIVAL 2022 (Best Documentary / Portrait)

Bike Life - Yours & Mine - P448 JPG
Bike Life - Yours & Mine - P448 VIMEO 3m:14s

Bike Life - P448
Yours & Mine

Bike Life - P448 - Yours & Mine

Official Selection

Title of Piece: Bike Life
Brand: P448
Production Company: Yours & Mine
Client: P448
Director: Perry Curties
Producer(s): Yours & Mine
Editor: Charles Gamble
Director of Photography: Rowan Biddiscombe
Additional Credits: 1st AC & B Camera: Alessandro Di Rosa
Additional Credits: Sound: Matt Price
Additional Credits: Colour: Connor Coolbear at ETC
Instagram Tag: @perrycurties @p448
Short Synopsis: A portrait of an emerging subculture and street sport.
Bike life offers an insight into the life of a group of eloquent London teenagers as they cross the city, while perfecting their art - riding on one wheel into oncoming traffic.

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