BERLIN FASHION FILM FESTIVAL 2022 (Best Documentary / Portrait)

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Looking Back with Pride - Vogue

Looking Back with Pride - Vogue - Forever


Title of Piece: Looking Back with Pride
Brand: Vogue
Production Company: Forever
Client: British Vogue
Agency: Vogue
Director: Emily McDonald
Producer(s): Scarlett Barclay
Art Director: Levi Hinds
Creative Director: Samantha Crossley
Editor: Craig Coole
Director of Photography: Henry Lockyer
Costume Design: Stylist: Josh Meredith
Hair & Makeup: Holly Miller
Music/Sound Design: Joseph Reuben
Additional Credits: Executive Producers: Sasha Nixon, MrMr
Additional Credits: Commissioners: Minnie J Carver, Sylvia Hong, Jessica Vincent at British Vogue
Additional Credits: Senior Video Producer & Commissioner: Minnie J Carver
Additional Credits: Colourist: Ruth Wardell
Instagram Tag: @foreversashaforever @emily_mcdon @henrylockyer_dop @scarlettlarouge @imsuchasamantha @therealminniecarver
Short Synopsis: Looking Back With Pride - part of British Vogue’s second annual Pride video series celebrating LGBTQIA+ communities - is an affecting short film centered around queer and trans individuals in their 60s and 70s. David, 75, Peggy, 73, Ted, 71, and 69-year-old Adele reflect on their memories of coming out, the remarkable change they’ve witnessed in their lifetimes. Living through social changes from Stonewall riots in 1969, to the first Pride marches of the 70s, we listen to their accounts of what it was like to live through it all.
Director Emily McDonald chose to spotlight older members of the queer community in her fashion film, Looking Back with Pride, and upon watching it, it quickly becomes apparent why tears (including happy ones) were falling on set.
“The cast were all very aware that there is a lack of representation for people their age, so they loved the idea of us spotlighting the older community,” McDonald says. “When we cast David he said, ‘I’ve been waiting my whole life for a call from Vogue’, which I just loved. He also said something else that stuck with me: ‘We don’t talk across age groups and it’s so important that we do. You have to know your history.’ I thought, that is exactly what this project is about.”
Though it captures pain, heartbreak and struggle, the overall effect of the short film is undeniably an uplifting one – thanks in no small part to the dancing scenes.
Designers featured:
Maison Margiela G.H.Bass
Maison Margiela at Browns
Alexander McQueen at Browns
Bernadette at Browns
Edward Crutchley
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