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Fuxico Lanches - Misci
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Fuxico Lanches - Misci - Prodigo Films

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Title of Piece: Fuxico Lanches
Brand: Misci
Production Company: Prodigo Films
Client: Misci
Director: Mariana Borga
Producer(s): Francesco Civita, Chico Pedreira, Ana Chrysostomo, Rebeca Broncher, Nathalie Gautier, Luiza Campanelli, Bruna Fernandes e Samantha Assis
Art Director: Ohana Lopes Ribeiro
Creative Director: Bruno Oppido
Editor: Vitor Bicego
Director of Photography: Dariely dos Santos Belke
Hair & Makeup: Júlia Graziela Bachesque Ferreira, Camila, Thata e Emerson Vilson Gomes
Music/Sound Design: Alexandre Pinto das Neves Turina (Ale)
Casting Director: Mariana Barroso Carneiro
Visual Effects: Lucas Carvalho e Alvaro Bautista
Additional Credits: Ana Mendes, Tutu Mesquita, Priscilla Paduano e Fabiana Galdino
Instagram Tag: @prodigofilmes @misci_ @mborga
Short Synopsis: Misci is a fashion brand that is gaining media’s attention for its unique mix between Brazilian popular culture and extreme tailoring talents. Its last collection was inspired by the colorful atmosphere of cheap and popular bars called ‘botecos’ that are famous for its kitsch decoration, karaoke, bad music, awful food and illegal games. In this film, we accompany the journey of our hero, an illegal game operator that has always dreamt of something unthinkable for a macho latino: designing dresses. Until one day, a beautiful girl appears out of nowhere wearing the exact same dress he had drawn in his sketch book and his life changes.
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