BERLIN FASHION FILM FESTIVAL 2022 (Best Documentary / Portrait)

Air Max BW - HALAL - Nike JPEG
Air Max BW - HALAL - Nike VIMEO 4m:47s

Air Max BW - Nike

Air Max BW - Nike - HALAL


Title of Piece: Air Max BW
Brand: Nike
Production Company: HALAL
Client: Nike SNKRS
Director: Elza Jo Tratlehner
Producer(s): Job Sanders, Niels Visser, Floor Schroeijers, Leontien van Hattem
Creative Director: Daniel Whiteneck
Editor: Splash Studios & Camille Boumans
Director of Photography: Tim Kerbosch
Music/Sound Design: Massive Music, Jammer, Lazy Ann, Randy Telg, DJ Moortje
Additional Credits: Marketing Manager SNKRS: Merel Lansink
Instagram Tag: @elzajo_jo
Short Synopsis: In this three-part mini-documentary series, we talk about the impact the Air Max BW had on street culture and how city-specific tags made this Nike classic a must-have across Europe. The director follows the origins of the legendary shoe through the eyes of the first original gabber, bubbling, and Grime DJs and producers – unraveling how the Nike Air BW became a symbol of these genres, a vital part of their uniform and an essential expression of identity. A piece of homage to their childhood icon.
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