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The Rhythm of Denim - G-Star

The Rhythm of Denim - G-Star - HALAL


Title of Piece: The Rhythm of Denim
Brand: G-Star
Production Company: HALAL
Client: G-Star
Agency: The Family Amsterdam
Director: Paul Geusebroek
Producer(s): Job Sanders, Julia Llamas, Annely Valk
Creative Director: Joris Kuijpers
Editor: Brian Ent
Director of Photography: Menno Mans
Production Design: Micha Levchenko
Costume Design: Steven Dahlberg
Hair & Makeup: Iris Onufriienko (hair), Marta Skalska (Make-Up)
Music/Sound Design: Sauvage Sound Studios
Casting Director: Troy Fearn
Visual Effects: Denis Reva
Additional Credits: Lead Talent: Kamira Samuel, Lee Howard
Instagram Tag: @paulgeusebroek
Short Synopsis: This film taps into something special. Masterfully directed, with choreography by Jack Evans, known for working with Billie Eilish and Stormzy, the film presents a unique take on tap dance. Already impressive as a form of dance relying heavily on sound, not vision, tap is taken to an extreme here – perhaps closest to morse code. Cutting between two world-class tap dancers in physically different spaces, the film plays out a dialogue expressed without one person ever seeing the other. The dance taps form an intimate conversation expressed fully through the sound of their movements.
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