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Thermal - Schön Magazine
ACM studio

Thermal - Schön Magazine - ACM studio

Official Selection

Title of Piece: Thermal
Brand: Schön Magazine
Production Company: ACM studio
Client: /
Agency: /
Director: Anne-Charlotte Moulard
Producer(s): Anne-Charlotte Moulard
Art Director: Anne-Charlotte Moulard
Creative Director: Anne-Charlotte Moulard
Editor: Morgane Alcazar
Director of Photography: Alexis Chérigny
Production Design: Aymeric Arnould
Costume Design: Sandra Gonzalez Burban
Hair & Makeup: Tina Piters
Music/Sound Design: Hadrien Hepp
Casting Director: Fanny Kauffmann
Visual Effects: Julien Lions
Animation: Jean Ledieu
Writer: Anne-Charlotte Moulard
Props Stylist: Aymeric Arnould
Additional Credits: production manager - Anne-Sophie Oudin
Additional Credits: runners - Laura Larrive & Manuella Trolle
Additional Credits: graphic designer - Laura Larrive 
Additional Credits: 1st assistant director - Louise Senoussi
Additional Credits: sound recordist - Karl Levacher 
Additional Credits: 1st assistant camera - Elisa Huet 
Additional Credits: Actors - Alexis Maçon Dauxerre, Sidonie Jcerniak, Nina Bodelot, Mamit Flament, Océane d’Hont, Juliette Péru
Instagram Tag: @annecharlottemoulard @dop_alexis @sandragonzalezburban @alexism.d @oceanedhont @aymericarnould @tinapitersmakeup@louise_snss @lau.lrv @julien_lions @fannykfmn @jeanledieu
Short Synopsis: For reasons unknown, a writer in lack of inspiration has sought refuge at a swimming pool, where he hopes to write in peace. Unfortunately, he soon contends with an incessant flow of bathrobe-sporting spa guests, who have come for the energising virtues of the baths. They roam around like zombies, without noticing the author who is struggling to put pen to paper. What will become of this strange encounter?
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