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A Bath In My Mother's Womb
Madbunny Production

A Bath In My Mother's Womb - - Madbunny Production

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Title of Piece: A Bath In My Mother's Womb
Production Company: Madbunny Production
Client: Mona Namér
Agency: Independent
Director: Sofia Aedo Zahou
Producer(s): Maida Krak & Amelie Svenstedt
Art Director: Mona Namér
Creative Director: Mona Namér
Editor: Tiyam Pour Khabbaz
Director of Photography: Sara Dehlin & Mika Aberra
Production Design: Lisa Berkert Wallard
Costume Design: Fernando Torres
Hair & Makeup: Hanna Warsame & Maurine Tugavune
Music/Sound Design: Håkan Wirenstrand
Writer: Mona Namér
Props Stylist: Lisa Berkert Wallard
Additional Credits: Salomon Mpondo-Dicka
Additional Credits: Nyat Kibreab
Additional Credits: Timothy Kakeeto
Additional Credits: Mia Hellberg
Additional Credits: Marco Wihlborg
Additional Credits: Amir Ashoor
Additional Credits: Lamin Holmén
Additional Credits: Aline Bennour
Additional Credits: Kamilla Halid
Additional Credits: Fredrik Quiñones
Instagram Tag: @littledragonflicks @sofiaaedozahou @monanamer @madbunnyproduction @saradehlin @mikaberra #ABIMMW #ABathInMyMothersWomb
Short Synopsis: “In a dream landscape outside the physical world, the mind and body floats between different mental states in the search of total liberation.”

A Bath In My Mother’s Womb is an experimental short that through dance, explores the stages of birth, chaos and stillness.

Drawing inspiration from the process of metamorphosis and the caterpillars transformation in the cocoon to becoming a butterfly, the film acts as a metaphor for how essential introspection is for both nature and mankind to have the opportunity to heal and be reborn.
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