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Masao San - Casablanca

Masao San - Casablanca - Phantasm


Title of Piece: Masao San
Brand: Casablanca
Production Company: Phantasm
Client: Casablanca
Director: Nathalie Canguilhem
Producer(s): Gary Farkas, Olivier Muller
Art Director: Fabrice Jeandemange, Edward Febvre
Creative Director: Charaf Tajer
Editor: Marc Gurung
Director of Photography: Hugo Carlier
Production Design: Lucie Libotte
Costume Design: Anna Trevelyan
Hair & Makeup: Ilham Mestour, Naima Bremer
Music/Sound Design: Taeko Onuki
Casting Director: Ikki Casting
Additional Credits: Line Producer: Guillaume Rasquier
Additional Credits: Production coordinators: Rousslan Dion, Alice Du Lac
Additional Credits: Runner Production: Abdallah Laboudi
Additional Credits: Artistic Co-ordination: Sid Oudainia Beaulieu
Additional Credits: Styling assisted by Margherita Alaimo & Estelle Rosenthal
Additional Credits: Location Manager: Clément Trontin
Additional Credits: Colorist: Emiliano Serrantoni
Additional Credits: Models: Alton Mason, Camille Hurel, Cynthia Arrebola, Giedre Dukauskaite, Hidetatsu Takeuchi, Karly Loyce, Malika El Maslouhi, Maike Inga, Mika Schneider, Ottawa Kwami, Paolo Grebic, Rico, Sid Oudainia Beaulieu, Teo Abihdana, Yann Summers
Additional Credits: Professional Table Tennis Players: Quentin Pradelle, Quentin Robinot
Short Synopsis: Casablanca unveils its SS22 collection in a vibrant fashion film directed by Nathalie Canguilhem. The brand reveals opulent, provocative and sport-infused pieces under the name “Masao San” – an ode to Creative Director Charaf Tajer’s close Japanese friend who introduced him to another side of Tokyo, namely ping pong, salarymen and Sony’s 90’s workforce. Combining this with garmenture inspirations from the Memphis movement coming from Milan in the 80’s, the film reflects a unique fusion of oriental and continental in a captivating collection showcase.
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