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Title of Piece: THEIRS
Production Company: pøets. cinema
Director: Kathlyn Rose Gardiner
Producer(s): Maira Candela & Kathlyn Rose Gardiner
Editor: Miguel Garcia
Director of Photography: Marc De Acetis
Hair & Makeup: Maira Candela
Music/Sound Design: Julia York & Miguel Garcia
Additional Credits: Muse: Shane Homan
Additional Credits: Beauty Tech: Andrea Candela
Additional Credits: Beauty Tech: Julia York
Additional Credits: Camera Assistant: Dylan Pun
Additional Credits: Dolly Grip: Asmaa Erouhi
Additional Credits: Swing: Mark Flanjak
Additional Credits: Stills Photographer: Miguel Garcia
Additional Credits: Composer: Julia York & Miguel Garcia
Short Synopsis: THEIRS

Their beauty is theirs

THEIRS is a visual poem that magnifies the imposed standards of beauty and how each person intimately navigates their relationship with it. The story visits three psychological spaces as we delve deeper from what is superficially seen, to the exposed intentions of beauty makers, to how it is processed by a person.

It is through this analysis of how we produce beauty, do we see who and what we ultimately become.
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