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Hand of Mary

Hand of Mary - - ANORAK Film GmbH


Title of Piece: Hand of Mary
Production Company: ANORAK Film GmbH
Director: Sebastian Strasser
Producer(s): Catherine Baikousis, Björn Krüger-Levy
Creative Director: Emma Chitty
Editor: Toni Froschhammer
Director of Photography: Linus Sandgren
Costume Design: Dorothee Hohndorf
Hair & Makeup: Andreea Dardea
Music/Sound Design: Luis Attawalpa, Matt Allchin
Casting Director: Emma Chitty
Visual Effects: Stefan Susehmil, Dan Williams, Justin Stiebel / The Mill
Writer: Sebastian Strasser, Emma Chitty
Short Synopsis: Hand of Mary is an experimental film about the struggles that are fundamental to our human nature.
On one side the structured clarity of human constructs, the rationality and solidity of the Apollonian. And on the other side the Dionysian: the wild and chaotic forces of nature.
The result is an ongoing conflict between the order of the human matrix and the seeming irrationality of nature.
“We shot this film as an exercise in cinematic style and staging: we prepared but also let things happen on the shoot through the spontaneous feel of the actors.
A collaboration and a learning of many perspectives. I cherish the making of this film and the souls that came together for this.” Sebastian Strasser, director
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