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Les marins - Jean Paul Gaultier

Les marins - Jean Paul Gaultier - Colors


Title of Piece: Les marins
Brand: Jean Paul Gaultier
Production Company: Colors
Client: Jean Paul Gaultier
Director: Charlotte Wales
Producer(s): Julie Mathieu & Jules Dieng
Creative Director: Florence Tétier
Editor: Basile Belkhiri & Alexandre Andre
Director of Photography: Pat Aldinger
Production Design: Julien Cavallina
Costume Design: Georgia Pendlebury
Hair & Makeup: Yann Turchi, Cecile Paravina, Rohan Mirza
Music/Sound Design: Andrew Mc Donnell
Casting Director: Suun Consultancy
Visual Effects: Florent Canale, Olivier Guedg
Short Synopsis: Jean Paul Gaultier (the man) may have stepped down in 2020, but Jean Paul Gaultier (the House) continues to cast an irreverent eye over the runway. For spring 2021, the label’s creative crew revisits the myth of the Sailor so dear to the fashion world’s Enfant Terrible, through the resurrection of his ready-to-wear collections, on standby since 2015. A unisex, inclusive, collaborative collection that perspires a misty sea air.
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