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Stieglitz - Stieglitz
Cake film and Photography

Stieglitz - Stieglitz - Cake film and Photography


Title of Piece: Stieglitz
Brand: Stieglitz
Production Company: Cake film and Photography
Client: Stieglitz
Director: Victor Griffioen
Producer(s): Victor Griffioen
Director of Photography: Wouter Verberkt
Production Design: Desiree Brands
Costume Design: Izzy Wijaya
Hair & Makeup: Karen Schreuder
Music/Sound Design: Boy Bianchi
Additional Credits: Colorist - Erik van den Heuvel
Additional Credits: Gaffer - Jur Oster
Short Synopsis: Stieglitz is an Amsterdam based fashion brand that theme their collections based on a place or culture. Normally when designing her collection, Pien Stieglitz, the founder, and her team travel out to capture the theme for their new collection in the specific settings and atmosphere of a selected place or culture. Unfortunately, for this year’s theme, Colorado, the crew was unable to travel out due to Covid-19. Istead, Fauve Bouwman, photographer and Victor Griffioen, director and frequent video collaborator, thought of a studio concept to bring Colorado to Amsterdam. Victor Griffioen wrote a storyline to capture and follow the Stieglitz Girl on her new adventure, while looking back at some of the travels Stieglitz has previously made to create a layered fashion film, fusing past and present. The film is told through the perspective of the Stieglitz Girl, writing to a friend about her latest adventures, and following her, accompanied by friends, through various staged Colorado themed settings. True to Stieglitz’s style, the film projects an adventurous, feminine, eclectic and, most of all vivacious, free-spirited and now witty feel.
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