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'Profumo di Fiori' - Gucci Bloom
Believe Media

'Profumo di Fiori' - Gucci Bloom - Believe Media


Title of Piece: 'Profumo di Fiori'
Brand: Gucci Bloom
Production Company: Believe Media
Client: Gucci
Director: Floria Sigismondi
Producer(s): Liz Silver
Art Director: Christopher Simmonds
Creative Director: Alesandro Michele
Editor: Jarret Fijal / Bonch
Director of Photography: Nicola Pecorini
Hair & Makeup: Hair: Paul Hanlon, Make-up: Thomas de Kluyver
Music/Sound Design: Music: ‘Fade Into You’ Performed by Mazzy Star Written by Hope Sandoval and David Roback Published by Sand Devil Music and Salley Gardens Publishing (P) 1993 Capitol Records, LLC With kind permission of Universal Music GmbH (Switzerland)
Visual Effects: Eight VFX
Animation: Brothers Quay
Additional Credits: Stylist - Jonathan Kaye
Additional Credits: Audio Post - Lawrence Rothman
Short Synopsis: The new Gucci Bloom campaign opens with Florence Welch exploring the abandoned theatres of La Scarzuola, a surrealist architectural compound built around an old Franciscan convent. Award-winning photographer and director Floria Sigismondi creates a garden of dreams where magic blooms and intensifies to its crescendo with a floral explosion showering the four protagonists: award-winning actress and director Anjelica Huston, singer songwriter Florence Welch, actress Jodie Turner-Smith and designer Susie Cave. Some scenes take inspiration from the popular French musical film ‘Peau d'Âne,’ directed by Jacques Demy. The stop motion flower sequences in the campaign are animated by the Brothers Quay.
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