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Midsommar - Maria Nilsdotter
Tarot Pictures

Midsommar - Maria Nilsdotter - Tarot Pictures


Title of Piece: Midsommar
Brand: Maria Nilsdotter
Production Company: Tarot Pictures
Client: Maria Nilsdotter
Director: Gustav Bondeson
Emerging: 1
Producer(s): Producer: Isabella Widlund, Executive producer: Daniel Eskils
Creative Director: Maria Nilsdotter
Editor: Gustav Bondeson
Director of Photography: Arvid Kornstrand
Costume Design: Maria Montti
Hair & Makeup: Hair: Khaddy Gassama (Swedish Hair Mafia), Makeup: Elva Ahlbin
Music/Sound Design: Music: Ane Brun, Sound Design: Theodora Flygt
Visual Effects: Ashley Reed & Robin Sällström
Writer: Gustav Bondeson
Additional Credits: Movement Director: Sophie Apollonia
Additional Credits: Colorist: Sander Van Wijk
Additional Credits: Graphic Design: Albin Sturessen
Additional Credits: 1st AD: Sina Hashem Pour
Additional Credits: Production Manager: Ida Larsson
Additional Credits: Gaffer: Nisse Vallin
Short Synopsis: The longest day of the year, when boundaries blur and reality intertwines with the supernatural.
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