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Digital Goddess
WRPD magazine

Digital Goddess - - WRPD magazine


Title of Piece: Digital Goddess
Production Company: WRPD magazine
Director: Serjiososo
Producer(s): Ana Albores
Art Director: Alicia Arebalo
Creative Director: Ana Albores
Editor: Serjiososo
Director of Photography: Serjiososo
Costume Design: Anna Pandozzi
Hair & Makeup: Chingisabella
Music/Sound Design: Serjiososo
Casting Director: Ana Albores
Visual Effects: Angel Virgilio
Short Synopsis: This project is about a representation of a future reality where gender and its binary conception are abolished. The concept of cyborg as the only represented body takes over, and current concepts are questioned around it.
Technology as a bridge between our present and this speculative future, where both need to suggest these identities and the transformation of a reality where digital is the fundamental key to enable these changes.
To carry out this project it is essential to know what a cyborg is:
“A cyborg is a cybernetic organism, a machine hybrid and organism, a creature of social and also fictional reality”
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