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Port de Bras - Chiron Floris
Studio Selvedge

Port de Bras - Chiron Floris - Studio Selvedge


Title of Piece: Port de Bras
Brand: Chiron Floris
Production Company: Studio Selvedge
Client: Chiron Floris
Director: Roman Villevoye
Emerging: 1
Producer(s): Roman Villevoye
Editor: Roman Villevoye
Director of Photography: Roman Villevoye
Hair & Makeup: Marie Colet
Music/Sound Design: Jonas Loellmann
Additional Credits: Dancer - Tomas Ntamashimikiro
Additional Credits: Dancer - Izi Stevens
Short Synopsis: The story of the Fashion is incorporated into the story of the film.
Chiron Floris about her Fashion Collection 'Port de Bras'
"When I was little I visited my grandparents every week. My grandmother spoiled
me with sweets and my grandfather would take me to his workplace where he
worked as a shoemaker. I remember de loud sound of the heavy machinery and I
can stil smell the leather mixed with glue.
As a child I was fascinated by my grandfather’s profession and as a designer
I am inspired by work wear. It serves as an source of inspiration in my search
for timelessness in fashion. I see it as a challenge to create something
timeless in such a fast moving industry.
With this film I want to make an ode to my grandfather and I will tell a story
about the working man. By collaborating with dancers I want to show the motion
of the everyday life, the freedom of movement and play a game with
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