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Keep on dreaming - Juniper
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Keep on dreaming - Juniper - Nineties Studio


Title of Piece: Keep on dreaming
Brand: Juniper
Production Company: Nineties Studio
Client: Nineties Studio
Agency: Nineties Studio
Director: Moa Wiking
Emerging: 1
Art Director: Moa Wiking, Jimmy Thorneport.
Creative Director: Jimmy Thorneport / Nineties Studio.
Editor: Edit: Adrian Levander, Interview & Sound Edit: Moa Wiking.
Director of Photography: Adrian Levander
Costume Design: Amandah Andersson, Johanna Suxen.
Hair & Makeup: Pari Damani
Music/Sound Design: Theo Kylin
Writer: Moa Wiking
Additional Credits: Cast: Helin & Thomas
Short Synopsis: A dream can be the ambition of having an exciting job, or be a self-realisation.- people with dreams sleep in Juniper. They can therefor continue to realise and fulfilling their dreams, in a professional or personal life. From this, we want to invite to an emotional driven narrative, based on “keep on dreaming”. We portrait real people in an editorial feel.
First out a close couple. It’s just one of those mornings you want to wake up to every day. Keep on dreaming.
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