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РЕЛИГИЯ - Pitch Production - Adidas VIMEO 53s

РЕЛИГИЯ - Adidas
Pitch Production

РЕЛИГИЯ - Adidas - Pitch Production


Title of Piece: РЕЛИГИЯ
Brand: Adidas
Production Company: Pitch Production
Director: Célestin Soum
Emerging: 1
Producer(s): Guillaume Durand
Art Director: Célestin Soum
Director of Photography: Pierre Brunet
Music/Sound Design: Pierre Michelet
Short Synopsis: This short 45 sec video is to promote the adidas brand by associating it with an occult religion through a character who recruits faithful. This character and inspired by the Mad Max and Bruning Man style, dressed in leather and metal, like a knight of the apocalypse, he rides his bike at nightfall.
On the other hand the heretics who are 5 young people who represent the vices of our society and human deviance, wearing gold jewels, very showy clothes, totally improbable styles, having a strong cult of personality towards themselves.
They will cross the path of the preacher who will put them back on the right path.
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