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What Bothers Me - schon! magazine

What Bothers Me - schon! magazine - ogonok


Title of Piece: What Bothers Me
Brand: schon! magazine
Production Company: ogonok
Director: Anna Guseva
Emerging: 1
Producer(s): Taya Komarova
Creative Director: Vera Zhigalova
Editor: Pavel Kling
Director of Photography: Leonid Kim
Production Design: Julia Orlova
Costume Design: Anna Guseva & GOOSEVA KOMANDA
Hair & Makeup: Elena Mosiyko
Music/Sound Design: Evgeny Pankov
Writer: Sergey Yakovlev
Props Stylist: Julia Orlova
Additional Credits: Choreographer & main part Vladimir Varnava
Additional Credits: Dancer Oleg Khmelev
Additional Credits: Dancer Artyom Sherstobitov
Additional Credits: Dancer Andrey Lazarev
Additional Credits: Dancer Maxim Permyakov
Additional Credits: Dancer Tatiana Borisova
Additional Credits: Dancer Anastasia Peshkova
Short Synopsis: This is a story on how anxiety became another layer of our daily lives. It is like a waving flag claiming its territory over our routine. Though this story is about the feelings I struggle with on a day-to-day basis, it is also a project to tell about the fact that we can escape from anxiety and fear.
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