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Level U3
Gentlemen Films

Level U3 - - Gentlemen Films


Title of Piece: Level U3
Production Company: Gentlemen Films
Client: Sheila Madge Fashion
Director: Mark Middlewick
Emerging: 0
Producer(s): Greg Rom & Vanessa La Trobe
Editor: Jamie Taylor (House on Fire)
Director of Photography: Ross Maxwell
Costume Design: Sheila Madge
Hair & Makeup: Tatum Clark
Music/Sound Design: Kidwithamatch
Additional Credits: Choreographer: Alice Kok
Additional Credits: Cast: Kate Metzer; Anke Gabler; Shaskia John; Anita Jansen; Kath Joynt; Elsa Bleda; Emy Ozori
Additional Credits: Colourist: Christiaan Rautenbach (House on Fire)
Additional Credits: Creative Contributors: Grant Sissons & Jamie Taylor
Additional Credits: Camera Assist: Andre Badenhorst
Short Synopsis: At the ends of winding access ramps and in abandoned parking lots, modern life and ancient ritual are only separated by a threadlike veneer.
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