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Non So Dove, Ma Insieme - MSGM
Luca Finotti Studio

Non So Dove, Ma Insieme - MSGM - Luca Finotti Studio


Title of Piece: Non So Dove, Ma Insieme
Brand: MSGM
Production Company: Luca Finotti Studio
Client: MSGM
Director: Luca Finotti
Emerging: 0
Producer(s): Luca Finotti Studio
Editor: Velatta
Director of Photography: Armando Avallone
Hair & Makeup: Fabio D’Onofrio
Music/Sound Design: Coez
Casting Director: Luca Finotti
Additional Credits: Colorist: Diego La Rosa
Short Synopsis: Following Floraworks, the iconic 2012 video project for italian label MSGM, director Luca Finotti collaborates once more with the brand’s founder and creative director Massimo Giorgetti for his SS21 campaign.

The focus of Non So Dove, Ma Insieme (I Don’t Know Where, but Together) is on the younger MSGM generation. Passionate, free and filled with enthusiasm, we bounce back from a difficult moment by claiming the now and looking into the future. Set in Milan to the sound of Italian musician Coez, the film speaks of love, desire and friendship, as we wander through a city about to burst with summer and sunshine. A celebration of the overwhelming intensity of life, Non So Dove, Ma Insieme stands as a powerful and joyful rebirth.

As with all his productions, Finotti takes particular care of the cast by ensuring a strong focus on diversity. Through an open call on Instagram, he selected actor Federico Cesari (23), trans activist Francesco Cicconetti (24), fashion designer Naomi Oke (25), synchronised swimming winner Camilla Vettore (17), models Diogo Gomes (23) and Matteo Tagliabue (24) and stylist Cai Yu (24).

The idea for the film was born out of a brainstorming session between Giorgetti and Finotti. “MSGM has faith in our present and looks into the future with optimism, passion and poetry. The film addresses the uncertainty we have been experiencing, but also underlines the importance of being able to face it united as one. Only together can we truly dream” - states Giorgetti.
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