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HANGUK - documentary
Hunter and Gatti

HANGUK - documentary - Hunter and Gatti


Title of Piece: HANGUK
Brand: documentary
Production Company: Hunter and Gatti
Client: fashion documentary
Agency: Hunter and Gatti
Director: Hunter and Gatti
Producer(s): Film in Korea productions
Art Director: Hunter and Gatti
Creative Director: Hunter and Gatti
Editor: Hunter and Gatti
Director of Photography: Hunter and Gatti
Production Design: Jay Lee
Costume Design: Chloe Gancel
Music/Sound Design: Hunter and Gatti
Casting Director: Hunter and Gatti
Visual Effects: hunter and Gatti
Writer: Jay Lee and hunter and Gatti
Additional Credits: Tommy Avila DOP
Instagram Tag: @hunterandgatti
Short Synopsis: The first chapter of nine young individuals who are shaping Korean culture, a fascinating exploration of concepts such as identity, passion and creativity. These themes resonate universally, no matter where you are in the world. That's what we loved. We went to Korea to explore a culture that fascinated us, one we knew little about. We had worked in Seoul a few times, but didn't fully immerse ourselves. However, we returned knowing that passion, excitement, art, fashion, friendship... know no boundaries—they speak a universal language!
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