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Traces of Love

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Title of Piece: Traces of Love
Director: Zoe Cheung
Producer(s): Zoe Cheung
Art Director: Lauren Bilodeau
Editor: Lauren Bilodeau
Director of Photography: Laura Aguilera
Costume Design: Lauren Bilodeau
Hair & Makeup: Yukie Shigemoto
Music/Sound Design: Steven Bamidele
Writer: Zoe Cheung & Lauren Bilodeau
Additional Credits: Dancer 2 & Choreographer: Monique Aday
Additional Credits: Dancer 1: Yanki Yau
Short Synopsis: A British Asian character dealing with their internal struggles on her queer relationship and her culture's expectations. And an exploration of diverse British identities told through a queer love story in the form of a surreal dance sequence. Establishing London as the backdrop for the video, the main character is at a Chinese market buying groceries whilst listening to a voicemail from her mum. This leads to a fantasy dance sequence between her and her partner that explores the external cultural pressure she feels about their relationship. The fantasy dance scene incorporates clothing into the choreography.
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