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Belstaff AW23 - Belstaff
The Curated

Belstaff AW23 - Belstaff - The Curated

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Title of Piece: Belstaff AW23
Brand: Belstaff
Production Company: The Curated
Client: Belstaff, The Curated
Agency: KO Productions
Director: Ilan Lampl
Producer(s): Giorgio Tsintoukidis
Art Director: Jodie Morgan, Jodie Harrison
Editor: Ilan Lampl
Director of Photography: Ilan Lampl
Production Design: Tobias Blackmore
Costume Design: (Stylist) Stephen Mann
Hair & Makeup: Julia Wren
Music/Sound Design: Tommy Saint
Casting Director: Giorgio Tsintoukidis
Writer: Jodie Morgan, Jodie Harrison
Additional Credits: 1st Assistant Camera - Oliver Bingham
Additional Credits: 2nd Assistant Camera - Daniel Attoh
Additional Credits: Drone Operator - Robin Feliciano Gutjahr
Additional Credits: Talent - Ibby Sow, Camilla Deterre, Hoseok Yun
Additional Credits: Snr Production Assistant - Katie Holmes at The Curated
Additional Credits: Colourist : Vlad Barin at Cheat
Instagram Tag: @ilanlampl @belstaff @the_curated @ko_collective
Short Synopsis: The AW23 collection is defined by duality. Worn and unworn. Old and New. Constancy and Change. It's this tension that echoes the forces behind the brand and its evolving narrative of past meets present meets future.

Director Ilan Lampl elevates the concept by juxtaposing these fundamental factors defining them as Nature, Mankind. Two of the same, and one of the other. Whilst the concept is defined by duality, the film encourages viewers to look for moments of harmony and ultimately, unity.
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