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Freedom Sky - Wave Community - Mint MOV 1m:17s

Freedom Sky - Mint
Wave Community

Freedom Sky - Mint - Wave Community

Official Selection

Title of Piece: Freedom Sky
Brand: Mint
Production Company: Wave Community
Client: Mind Brand
Agency: N1BURO
Director: Undersun
Producer(s): Rozhko Oksana, Knyzhka Julia
Art Director: Savchenko Kirill
Creative Director: Undersun
Editor: Undersun
Costume Design: Rozhko Oksana, Knyzhka Julia
Hair & Makeup: Dibrova Dasha, Tertytsia Anna
Music/Sound Design: Michael FK
Casting Director: Dzhumun Dzhulianna
Writer: Rozhko Oksana, Knyzhka Julia
Props Stylist: Savchenko Kirill
Additional Credits: Operator - Botvyn Marian
Additional Credits: Coordinator - Dzhumun Dzhulianna
Additional Credits: Models - Denychenko Vira, Hanieva Evheniia, Korol Anastasiia
Instagram Tag: @n1buro @serhii.undersun @julia_knyzhka @rozhko_oksana #skyfreedom #fashionfilmmint #mintskyfreedom #skyfreedombymint
Short Synopsis: Sky Freedom's work is primarily about the most important thing in our lives - a peaceful sky. We rarely think about it, but when dark times come, our dream becomes one for everyone.
The wind, the sky, the beauty of the clear blue sky and perfect silk combine into a single aesthetic. We are talking about freedom. We are talking about the dream of a peaceful and clear sky.
Hear us.
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