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ONT≠KOP _ Reconnect - Tannenbaumfilms @tannenbaumfilms - IMPARI MP4 2m:38s

ONT≠KOP _ Reconnect - IMPARI
Tannenbaumfilms @tannenbaumfilms

ONT≠KOP _ Reconnect - IMPARI - Tannenbaumfilms @tannenbaumfilms

Official Selection

Title of Piece: ONT≠KOP _ Reconnect
Production Company: Tannenbaumfilms @tannenbaumfilms
Client: Impari Consulting GmbH
Agency: Impari Consulting GmbH
Director: Konstantin von sichart @konstantin_von_sichart
Producer(s): Konstantin von sichart @konstantin_von_sichart
Art Director: Jana Heinemann @jana_ms.impari
Creative Director: Jana Heinemann @jana_ms.impari
Editor: Alice Dalga @alicedalga
Director of Photography: Konstantin von sichert @konstantin_von_sichart
Production Design: Jana Heinemann @jana_ms.impari
Costume Design: Jana Heinemann @jana_ms.impari
Hair & Makeup: Jasmin Arnold @jasminarnold_
Music/Sound Design: Konstantin von sichert @konstantin_von_sichart
Casting Director: Jana Heinemann @jana_ms.impari
Visual Effects: Konstantin von sichert @konstantin_von_sichart
Animation: Konstantin von sichert @konstantin_von_sichart
Writer: Jana Heinemann @jana_ms.impari
Props Stylist: Paula Rischbeck @ri.pi_design_
Additional Credits: Drone Operator: Antonio Castles @antoniocastles
Additional Credits: Model/ Main character: Natia Ka @exoceexiste
Additional Credits: Model: Mame Konkol @mame_lastar
Additional Credits: Model: Liese-Lotte Gruner @lilo.gruner
Additional Credits: Model: Lena Mariama Meinhold @lamein
Additional Credits: Model: Calogero Luciano @caliimusik
Additional Credits: Model: Guilherme @theyaregui
Instagram Tag: #sustainablefashion #impari #zerowaste #recycledpet #dissconnect
Short Synopsis: KOP is on a transformative journey to save our ailing earth from waste and ignorance. Centered around the 'ONT≠KOP' collection, the story immerses through the movements, experience that fosters empathy and engagement. As KOP's quest unfolds, the film underscores the urgency of finding innovative solutions to preserve our world and reconnect. At the outset, KOP bears the weight of global refuse and human apathy, representing our disconnected world. But as the narrative progresses, KOP ingeniously transforms this chaos into something new, valuable, and breathtakingly beautiful."
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