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EPIC - Sadaf Tahvildar
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EPIC - Sadaf Tahvildar - No Name

Official Selection

Title of Piece: EPIC
Brand: Sadaf Tahvildar
Production Company: No Name
Client: Sadaf Tahvildar
Director: Sadaf Tahavildar
Art Director: @sadaf.tahvildar
Editor: @arash.bakhshi91
Director of Photography: @ashkan_mohammadii
Costume Design: @sadaf.tahvildar
Hair & Makeup: Hair Stylist: @mohammadamjadiaan, Makeup Artist: @samaraji
Music/Sound Design: @rominavafadar
Writer: @sadaf.tahvildar
Additional Credits: Singer: Nasrin Samavi
Additional Credits: Performer: Mahya & @imehdimohamadi
Additional Credits: Opera Singer: @nasrinsamav
Additional Credits: Organiser: @parisa.zadeh
Instagram Tag: EPIC By @sadaf.tahvildar Videographer: @ashkan_mohammadii Video Editor: @arash.bakhshi91 photographer: @ibraaphotography Opera Singer: @nasrinsamavi Piano: @rominavafadar Performer: Mahya & @imehdimohamadi Hair Stylist: @mohammadamjadiaan Makeup Artist: @samaraji Organiser: @parisa.zadeh
Short Synopsis: This collection was created during difficult times. Times during which all of us face the great challenge in Iran. We will persevere, anticipations will play the foundation for a new kind of strength within us.

Music was, as always, the muse and the driving force behind the creation of this collection; and this time it was dramatic music and poetry of the 17th century that enveloped me in its poetic and narrative stylistic framework, and led me to choose an aria from Dido and Aeneas by Henry Purcell, the English composer from the baroque era. Seeking inspiration from the words to said opera and the tragic yet epic feeling that flows through this work of art, I worked on the design and creation of this collection which I have named "Epic".

From the beginning, due to restrictions on any kind of fashion show in my country, I decided to create The runway show with one female and one male model, and emphasizing the contrast between 17th century music and completely modern design looks, create a video layout of the show. Despite the possibility of a live runway show in Europe, the personal challenge and the accomplishment in this project laid in its implementation in my own country with a team consisting of the best Iranian artists and models. We even re-recorded the chosen piece of music with a female vocalist and pianist in the studio, and this too, add it to my excitement and thrill for this project. Now I can present my vision to the world through a project, every bit of which, has been done in Iran from the beginning to the end.

The fabrics used in this collection or often thick satin, velvet or suede covered in lace, and combined with wide sleeves with narrow tapers around the wrists. Short trousers in combination with long dark socks and pointed shoes bring to mind the baroque era fashion style. I have not differentiated much the male and female designs, and both do appear on stage; strong women and men. Together they narrate the story of the aria in ways, as a performance on runway; And so does the path continue...
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